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Providing breaking news, real time stock market information, and a hybrid of homemade products are just a few specialties. See how Bear Avenue™ aims to enhance the lives of people with new technology deliveries.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a national public institute and federal agency tasked with protecting public health and safety. Bear Avenue provides frequent updates from the CDC to show each state's reported cases and mortality rates.

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Donaires circuitous road back as world-title challenger

- Abs-Cbn

German CDU confirms Laschet as new leader in postal ballot

- Duluthnewstribune

New look for Biden's Oval Office

- Odt

WHO to consider two Chinese COVID-19 vaccines next week

- Channelnewsasia

UK Covid-19 death toll reaches 95 981, nearly 5.4 million vaccinated

- News24

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